Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Run, cry, do impressions of Michael Jackson when he was good

'Aha' we said when we had a look at it and we were right too. Here, as you can see is a zombie Skunk made most generously by our pal Nik Holmes (with no 'c'). Go have a look at his site and buy something instead of sitting there playing Quake, or whatever it is people like you get up to.. here is his link... ... I bought three 13ft lengths of good quality perquacky pipe which i plan on using for the extension over the garage. I know what you're thinking... that's too much perquacky pipe for an extension over a garage... well you're probably right.
Good night sweethearts


Anonymous said...

The children are going to LOOOOVE this.

I can't wait for "The Art Of Eating Brains".

Gene Fowler said...

Awesome stuff!

TURCIOS said...

Hello fred.
yes, you can connect mys blogs. I saw your animals, they are wonderful.
An embrace

Rick Capistrano said...


Clarke (Csnyde) said...

beautiful design I digs it!

Jo Bling said...

Too funny! That Nik Holmes gets everywhere, so he does (if you're reading this, Nik, "hi!")

Lovely site chaps, some fabulous work here. Stay in touch!

(Bada Bling!)

Anonymous said...

Man oh man, thanks for whacking this up! So pleased you dug it. Thanks also for the HUGE orders of perquacky pipe I've been receiving! Winners Dinners!