Monday, August 07, 2006

Foxy Fox

The Art of Hospitality:
When Ninjas invade Rabbit's burrow, his not so secret obsession with Fox is exposed.
Rabbit goes to live with Panda and Skunk. Hilarity ensues...


Elliot said...

I feel hilarinated!

tomm said...

foxy picture of foxy on that scroll...the furferts will be getting hot under the fur collar.

geenpool said...


Yavuz said...

very cool design. I like your style. My favourite is the skunk.

elephantmarchblog said...

I love the look of this show. All full up for season two, perchance?

Anonymous said...

funny as rabbit will never live thoghe this ha ha my 2 fav craitas are skunk and fox

Nekoeevee said...

I don't think Fox is that happy, poor rabbit!
Rabbit: Umm, Errr, I cna explain!
Skunk: You might not want to here or see the next bit, but let's just say, Rabbit does n't like Hospitals now!

tom said...

lol sweet

dazzy benn said...

Rabbit : i can explain, Fox , I can explain (Starts sobbing)

Fox : Rabbit , You Rebel

(Fox Kisses Rabbit)

Rabbit : My First Kiss , Woo hoo!

Skunk : Fox And Rabbit Sitting in a tree , K. I. S. S. I. N. G.
Rabbit : Hey Skunk, wanna Play Guitar Hero?
Skunk : The Hell I Do , Rabbit


(They Both Run To Rabbit's Place to Play GUITAR HERO)


To be continued in:

The Art Of Guitar Hero

From Daz

Dedicated To Aidan Harte , Creator Of this cool show who is cool himself

P.S. What's In Store For Series 2, Mr. Harte ?
Will Skunk Fall In Love?
I Deserve To Know Because I Am A Huge Fan , GO SKUNK FU!!

Paul Young said...

Thanks Daz.
Funny dialogue! For season 2 we hope to have more Comedy with the characters now that we know them. And of course Kung fu, lots and lots of kung fu.
Will Skunk fall in love?
Skunk's heart was broken when Eeepy left him at the alter so it's going to take someone really special to make him fall in love again. Maybe the Stork will drop another Skunk in the Valley, who knows?


daz said...

Dear aidan harte

i am curious how did Skunk fall in love with Eeepy, was it love at first sight?

and what episode did it happen in?

i am confused please help me

from daz

P.S tell jules dejong he is the coolest voice actor i have ever heard

dazzy benn said...

hey aidan,

i am confused

who's Eeepy and is she a female version of Skunk? can you please show me a picture of her and Skunk when they first met?

P.S. Can you tell me the name of the episode where Eeepy is introduced? from DAZ

Darryl benn said...

Dear Aidan harte

i have written a poem about Skunk,

Skunk you are cool

i think of you when i go to school

you are cooler than socks

Skunk, oh Skunk , How you Rock.

dedicated to jules dejongh
who voices skunk

P.S. So, Aidan What do you think of my poem?

from Daz

Darryl Benn said...

Dear Paul Young

I am Confused,

How Did Skunk Fall In Love With Eeepy, was It love at first sight?
Or Did Panda Introduce Eeepy To Skunk?

That Kid Will Be Crying In His tree tonight when he finds out iv'e mentioned his name (twice)

From ( your biggest fan) Daz

Daz said...

Dear Aidan harte

i have written a song telling people not to Hate ninja monkeys

(sing to the tune of American idiot)

I Dont wanna be a ninja monkey

Oh my god Skunk has just dropped the keys

It's gettin' to be a heck of a habit

if it is , just tell Rabbit


if you dont like the monkeys
do us a favour and stay away
cos it'll just do you no good

i dont know what i am doing
i cant hear for all the boooing
time to drink and fill up

End of song

let me know if you like it

From Daz

darryl benn said...

Dear paul young

how did Skunk Fall in love with Eeepy?, Did Rabbit tease him?, or
Didn't Panda mind?

I am Confused , please Help Me Brotha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From daz

P.S. can you please also tell me the name of the episode where Skunk Fell For Eeepy?, if i don't find out soon , i'm really in Trouble

Angry Videotape Nerd said...

Skunk: Hey, Rabbit

Rabbit: What is it squirt?

Skunk: I think you should ask Fox to marry you

Rabbit: I just did, Skunk
And ..... SHE SAID YES


Rabbit: Yep


to be continued In

The Art Of Weddings

Dedicated to aidan harte
who is the coolest creator of the coolest series ever

Aidan, Iv'e got to ask you something,

Will rabbit Ever sing " video killed the radio star"

And will Skunk And Fox Share Thier First kiss?

I am A Huge Fan And I'm on a need to know basis

From The Angry Videotape Nerd
(aka DAZ)

P.s. Is There A Skunk Fu Movie coming out in 2009?

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul Young

This Series Is Flippin' awesome
Cant wait for series 2

And while we are on the subject,
I Hope Skunk and Rabbit Meet thier idols, Because
"the Art Of Monkey Love" saw Skunk taste some Romance, Now it's Rabbit's Turn

Anonymous said...

Come on guys - who is Eeepy and what was Scunks story with her? Was she a skunk? Left at the alter? Tell us all !

Paul Young said...

So you all know....
Eepy was a ninja monkey who was dressed up like a Skunk to trick him by Baboon, it was in the Episode "the Art of Monkey love". which you should be able to see now on Cartoon Network US at 10:00 everyday!

Anonymous said...

rabbit just ask fox on a date she might kiss you lover boy. i know you think she is hot. skunk might kiss her so watch . out destroy skunk if he does. p.s. girls dig tough guys but your not tough,bye

Anonymous said...

can you make a episode when fox and rabbit go out on a cruz date and a robotic dragon attacks the valley. but a ninja monkey pushes skunk because he was spying on rabbit and fox. he falls and acsidentely kisses fox and she starts blushing and rabbit is steaming cause of it.

Anonymous said...

Fox is HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you make an episode when fox teaches skunk an art called "The Art of temptaion and skunk tries it on rabbit by dressing up as a Really,Really,HOT Girl rabbit and Rabbit forgets about Fox and asks skunk on a date and fox gets jelous and fox tries to get rabbit 2 like her again and at the end Fox Makes out with rabbit??!!I think that would be awsome!!:]]]]]]]

Anonymous said...

Skunk has already kissed fox.

Anonymous said...

Can You Make An Episode Where Skunk
Starts Listening To Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi And Rabbit Gets Well Jealous?, That Would Rock My World:)

Ann B. said...

Oooh, Skunk in love? Haha, i'd love to see that. That'd be a cool episode! I actually have a character who could possibly be his love interest, even though she's a Cat. Mixed species wouldn't work out well, I suppose? XD

Anonymous said...

I Have A Character Too,

A Female Skunk Named Harmony

Skunk Falls For Her When He And Rabbit Are Playing Guitar Hero

How's That For A Character Huh?

Skunk said...

Mabey an episode can be where this 10 year old fox(weird twist huh)that came from the edge off rice lake(made up).Skunk starts to have a huge(and I mean HUGE)crush on her.Here's how skunk about 15 seconts after he got rock band7,he saw this fox.(thought)holy shit she's beuitful.Then skunk made a costom song for her named we can't be seporated.Then the fox ALSO started to love skunk,and she did what skunk on rock band 7.This could be an episode!(if episode don't put thought)Please use as an episode.P.S.I love fox.

Anonymous said...

i would put an new episode with a new character but he is descised : hay skunk wanna race? the stranger asked your on okay lets see who is a real master bring it on hood face oyeah stink butt ITS ON ready 1.2.3 go beat you skunk wow not even rabbit can run that fast who are you? oh I am uh uh seeya later by. Who was that guy leopard.

Anonymous said...

dear paul i was reading about the art of love struck how could fox fall in love with skunk skunk is like 10 and fox is about 19 doesn't she belong with rabbit when you make series 2 in an episode make fox and rabbit go on a date and they kissss that would be awsome big fan of SKUNK FU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes it is possible. love is love. besides just becouse rabbits closest to fox in age doesent mean she has to like him. ive seen plenty of people married,dating, and have kids further apart in age than skunk and fox. also, if you were fox would you date rabbit based on the fact that you are the closest in age. poor fox, thats like shoving two people in a room until they decide to like each other becouse well, there the only ones there. in the animal world age doesent matter. answer this, if you were fox who would you date?

SkunkFuFox said...

I went to and looked at the profiles and on Fox's said she likes Rabbit but at the same time she thinks he's a too much of a jock.

Anonymous said...

The Art Of Guitar Hero

Skunk And Rabbit Sit On Their Ass Playing Guitar Hero , But Then Skunk Falls In Love With Rabbit's Sister , Julie, And Rabbit Discovers The True Meaning Of Terminator Movies , An Ass Kicking Roller Coaster Ride That Can Only Belong To SKUNK FU!

arceus1223 said...

can you make an episode where baboon hypnotizes fox and rabbit to take over the vally? (since there clearly the ones who kick ass)