Monday, August 14, 2006

Kung Fruit

Title card for Art of Kung Fruit by Mick Harrison. Animation for this show is almost finished.
So we have two just about in the can. We're doing music for ep 1 now and trying the Skunk Fu sound nailed. The idea is Modern hip hop and lounge with traditional Chinese.


Anonymous said...


title cards look great! will you continue posting them online as the episodes are produced? that would be very nice.

geenpool said...

this card is awesome!!! when will the dvd come out so those of us in the states can view excellent cartooage?

SKUNK FU! said...

I sure will my Anonymous friend.

Geenpool, The show will air next year on BBC and Super RTL in Europe, so if it makes it to DVD it will be in 2007. But maybe you won't have to, we might sell it to a US channel before then.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff here! just wandered on over from Jez Halls blog, and boy was I pleased I made the trip! So glad I live in the UK and will get to see this.

SKUNK FU! said...

Thanks Nik, do me a zombie skunk to post! please!
I'm so inspired by zombie dollars I'm going to post zombie rooster.


elephantmarchblog said...

Wow, theres an artbook? Is it only in Ireland?