Friday, August 18, 2006

Jakob is feeling ill

One of the excellent Danish fellows working here at the 'Cartoon Saloon pleasure rooms' recently had a nervous breakdown after lunch time today. He is on the mend but had us on the hop for a few hours there as we re-educated him how to interact with humans and brush his own teeth. Whilst in a state of 'blissed outness' and babbling like an idiot he managed to outline a new direction for the show to pursue (possibly chanelling an idiot from another planet.. it is hard to say at this stage). Of that few hours only savage memories and emotional scars remain.... or so we thought until as we shovelled Jakob into his jim jams we found the above sketch clutched in his demented fingers. Possibly with this recovered shred of genius (he ate the rest) we can set about cobbling together the dream that was 'Jakobs nervous breakdown show outline incident'.

1 comment:

Rasmus Moller said...

Sure sounds like Foged allright! I congratulate him on doing a great job and send him all the best regards on "getting well" :)