Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Haunted Hens and dowager Ducks

There's a bizarre sub genre of Horror kung fu films that I want to tip my hat to at one point in the series.
In these films Taoist vampire monks leap like frogs with scant regard for dignity or the hallowed tradition of Hammer horror.
I want to do a cool Halloween episode, really spooky, featuring this mysterious character Mister Rooster.
Rooster is mentioned in another episodes as a tall story. It will be cool to keep him a semi legendary figure in the show, only mentioned occasionally.
Anyway here is a concept, Skunk is making away with the spell that animates him. Chinese Vampires frequently work like voodoo zombies, controlled by evil wizards.

Also an early design for Mrs. Duck... which has to do with Zombies precisely nothing.

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Anonymous said...

theres a super rare mcdonalds happy meal rooster toy.