Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Coming soon...


Anonymous said...

One of the writers here... love the blog! Keep the stuff coming, it's brilliant seeing the show taking shape.

Daz the Skunk fu Fanboy said...

Dear Mr Harte

I Have A Burning Question That Ive benn Wanting To Ask You,

Will Rabbit and Skunk Sing Karoake In Series 2?

From Daz.

p.s. Tell The person who plays Skunk That I am Skunk's Biggest Fan

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul Young

Will Rabbit And Fox Share Their First Kiss On The Lips in The Second series?

Im on a need to know basis , Please


Paul Young said...

You'll have to wait and see Daz. I don't know yet myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul

It's Ok Because i've got an idea For A Skunk Fu Movie Where Skunk And Rabbit Try And Fight An Ancient Evil

It's Called

The Skunk Fu Movie

Im Gonna Keep Checking This Comment
If You Think It Kicks ass

Sayanora for now


Anonymous said...

Dear aidan harte

Skunk fu Kicks ass, Cant wait for series 2, while we are on the subject, how did Rabbit get that crush on Fox?


Anonymous said...

dear rasmus

in series 2,

will Rabbit And Skunk's friendship become stronger?

And Will Bird fall in love?

Please reply because i Love the series


Anonymous said...

I love skunk fu please tell the person who voices rabbit and skunk that I am a huge fan. thanks

Paul said...

whats up Paul

please continue skunk fu it is a dream for me for you to continue the series. If you can make a game or movie too. Im just giving hints. but I know it will take a while. I love skunk fu and its cast. Tell (Jules De Jongh aka skunk) and ( Paul Tylack rabbit) that I am a huge fan. Keep it up Paul good luck and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Will you put a new character in the movie like the legendary leopard and rabbit gets upset when fox likes leopard .

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul Young what kind of new episodes will you make in season 2 my favorite episodes are the ones that rabbit and fox like each other put one where rabbit gets his first kiss from fox and they love each other or just put the art of cherry blossoms i dont know if you wrote that but i read about it and i think its AWSOME!!!! skunk fu FAN!!!!

arceus1223 said...

dear paul young can your cast make an episode where baboon hypnotizes fox and rabbit to be on his side so tey could conquor the valley easier??