Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to the Skunk Fu blog!

Anyone interested in the upcoming flash tv-show, Skunk Fu, keep an eye on our new blog. More production artwork and photos from the studio to come!


Ale said...

ahahha the skunk fu blog, cool!
hope evrything is going well in kilkenny, italy is totally great and HOT! see you in august guys!
a big hug to everyone! ale and alf

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Foxy lady !!! Great stuff !! Nice blog !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE skunk fu, and i've only seen the first 3 episodes! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

yar i go whit the outer anonymous it birllient but i misset the i ep noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo still birlient art

darryl said...

please be another series please please pleeeeezzzeeee

darryl benn
from the uk

darryl said...

dear skunk fu blog guy
this series is awesome
imagine if skunk fu was mixed with linkin park's "in the end"
that would be cool

p.s. tell skunk he's cool

darryl benn
(the blogger guy)

darryl benn said...

dear blog

imagine if skunk was snogged by fox

that would be an awesome idea

darryl benn

p.s.tick tock BITCH!

darryl said...

dear aidan harte

if any member of the skunk fu clan read this , i'll be happy
i am writing to tell them that i love thier series and i can't wait to see the 2nd series (sobbbing)

my (sob) email adress (sob) is
(uncontrollable sobbing)

daz said...

this song is for jules dejong who plays skunk

skunk is cool
skunk is great
which the goddamn creators can't overrate,
you hoo hoo are
you are ok
you hoo hoo are you are ookkaaaayyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...


honestly it is one of the best cartoon shows i have ever seen on CBBC or on any channel!

Paul Young said...

Thank you all for you encouraging comments... we'll keep the Skunk Flowing if you keep tuning in!

Anonymous said...

What about Canada? I know that it's playing in the UK and USA, but Canadians are left in the dark.

darryl said...

dear paul young

i am writing to tell you an idea

what if skunk sang micheal buble's "home" at rabbit's 18th birthday party to impress fox

because it is her fave song

and can i have a cameo in the series please?

darryl benn

daz said...

Dear mr young

check this out

Skunk: Hey rabbit , is your cousin
the most beautiful girl in the valley

Rabbit: Why the f**k are you asking me that squirt?

Skunk: Ahh.. Summer.. The love of my life!

To be continued in series 2

so whaddaya think?

from Daz

Paul Young said...

Hi Darryl,

I think it might be hard for you to have a cameo in the series unless you exist in the animation dimension!


dazzy benn said...

dear paul young

what if skunk did a cover version of phil collins's song on my way
and it got made into a music video

i think that should happen cos this series is the god damn best it is it is it iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssss


dazzy benn said...

dear paul young

Is it true that the second series of skunk fu will begin in early 2008 because my sister says it's true , is it true?

ps merry chrimbo

darryl benn said...

Dear Paul Young

Seeing as i Can't Wait For Series 2, when is the second season starting production? and will we Ever See Rabbit Singing Karoake?

If So, Let Me Know


P.S. Tell Jules Dejong that Skunk Is The Coolest

Jesus said...

Hi, Jesus here and skunk fu is awesome!!!!!

Aylea B. said...

Hi Mr.Young! Um...i'm trying to stay proffesional as I can here,so bare with me. I'd like to say that I am a big fan of your show Skunk Fu(it just came to CN where I live) and hope to see a second season. I was also wondering if you were accepting characters into the show? Not to sound desperate or unprepared!
To be honest, i'm not even sure if this blog is still active. But I thought I might as well give it a chance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul

GREAT show...hopin for another season and dvds (id buy em. Im constantly lookin up times for this show on tv!!!!

keep up the good work


Rachel said...

I love skunk fu!!!!!!!! I mean it!!! But there is a problum. There is this episode that I want to see. But it hasn't been coming on. It is The Art of Monkey Love.

Anonymous said...

Dear Skunk fu,

I really love your Tv show Skunk fu! Its an adorable show and I watch it on cartoon network. I was wondering if they could make a movie about skunk fu. It kind of reminds me of kung Fu Panda, I LOVED Kung fu Panda!

I might become an animator when i grow up. an animator and naturalist. If i ever do can the guy who plays Skunk be the voice for one of my characters?
Plz write back. Cartoon network wont reply to my messages.

mail me at (Weird Adress lol)

Paul said...

Dear Paul,

I want you to continue this series. I know its hard but we all trust you. please try to make a game or a movie. that would be cool. I love skunk fu know cartoon show in the world tops this one.
awesome fights,funny, good animation. anyways keep up the work try your hardest and dont give up were all counting on you.

Paul Hancock

Steve said...

Dear Paul,

I REALLY love your show. All the episodes so far have been great! My favorite being The Art of Passing the Buck. Please make more Skunk Fu episodes, you're really doing an excellent job!

p.s. You are going to make a second season, right? I heard that you were going to from various fans.