Monday, July 31, 2006

...more artwork

Skunk kicks ninja monkey butt!


darryl said...

skunk : hey rabbit is my show kick ass?

Rabbit : oh yeah it's so friggin' cool

skunk : Great just let me inject myself with beer , whoah trippy!

darryl said...

dear jules dejong

i've heard that your character's gonna have a girlfriend in the second series this january , is this true?

p.s. if you get this i just want you to know that.....

Your character's so cool i could have his autograph ( and his email adress)

dazzy b

Anonymous said...

dear rasmus noorgard

Skunk Fu Kicks Ass
and i would like it to have a crossover spesh with hi hi puffy ami yumi (racking up Loadsa Laughs)

Tell me what you think soon

From Daz