Friday, May 15, 2009

New Website

Hello everyone,

I don't know if you have seen it but we have a new site for Skunk. You can play games and download ringtones.

still no news on a new season I'm afraid.  Even if we did get news it would still take about six months to finish the first new episode. Did you know that it took over a year to make the first 26 episodes of Skunk fu? That's how long animation can take.

So it will be a long wait I'm afraid.

But check out the new site to keep you occupied....

Also if you wnat to see some other things our studio has made  here in Ireland, have a look at our new site:

Also I post more often here now....




Anonymous said...

skunk fu keeps me from depression =) i have all the dvds right now ^^

xX_skunk_fu_Xx said...

I HATE CN RIGHT NOW!!! im sure im not the only one, i sent around 7 emails to them! i been premoteing the show on youtube, fanpop and a bunch of forms, i dont get why they stopped playing skunk fu on CN, it was they're only good show, btw i made a NEW email, =/

Anonymous said...

so have u got a word about the second season also paul do u know were i can download skunk fu videos please help

Anonymous said...

You say there's no news on the second season, but what about the movie? I recall reading, several months back, that the script was in the process of being written.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I can understand that. Even one single episode of the Simpsons take long to make (so I heard).

But still keep it up. I am hoping for a second season of that show (probably more... heh whatever that's asking too much).

Good luck in the other projects.

Ninja-Gamer said...

I tried looking for some Skunk Fu toys at some stores, but they said it had been discontinued. =( is that true? r u guys not making any more?

The Avatar said...

Hello, Paul. I am an admin at the
Skunk Fu wikia and we would we be very happy if you could help us out. We are still a small wiki.
Go SKUNK FU! I am very happy that the Skunk Fu site is up. I can't wait to check it out.
Yet again, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Skunk Fu's The Only Thing That's Close To True Love , You Guys Are The Best!

A burkes. said...

Yea, it have stopped showing over here on CN since like...April I think. I hope it's not cancelled, I love Skunk fu! But with their new cn "real" shows I guess over here its likely...:(

Nick said...

Hi Paul. Im glad u guys know there r people out there that love ur show and wish it 2 continue. I have all the dvds and just downloaded all the ringtones also. i would rather hav a good, new season that took longer than hav 1 that was rushed out unperfected.

Again, im glad u care for ur fans

best of luck in whatever u guys do

Jacob said...

I love skunk fu! You guys are great!

Anonymous said...

Erk, I'm sorry that I have to do this in Anonymity, however I don't have a google account!

Skunk Fu's a great show and has real potential, it's definantly got a solid foundation of uniqueness because, let's face it there aren't exactly thousands of shows featuring Kung Fu Animals! (Kung Fu Panda excluded because it is a movie)

But if Skunk Fu is cancelled by the silly Cartoon Network, is there any chance it could become an online television show, like Ren and Stimpy did? (It's a very old 90's show that was deemed too extreme for TV, but the concept's the same, I think)

I'm certain someone would be willing to sponsor Skunk Fu online, you could keep the show free, sell merchandise that fund the website, and even get paid for any commercials shown or Ads on the website!

Just a question and comment from a fan, don't know if you'd be interested in any of it, heheh.

Jacob said...

I wish that you would reschedule Skunk fu!

James Sutton said...
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Jacob said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope there's an anouncement of a second season soon. It was my favorite show on CN before they removed it and a second season of the show would make me estatic. :)

And is there any news about the movie. There was an article I read a few months ago about it and I know it wasn't false. :/

Anonymous said...

Last night, I sent Cartoon Network another e-mail asking them to fund a new season or to (at least) air Season 1 episodes again. I believe that "Skunk Fu!" will (it definitely SHOULD) receive funding for another season.

Donte said...

What was the first episode, The Art of Rivaly or The Art of the touch?

and is there any plan for a complete season one set?

Jacob said...

dear paul young i really want
skunk fu! back on cartoon network
beacuse i havent seen it in months
and so niether have the skunk fu!
fans i know its a very very good
new show and i really want cartoon
network to re-schedule the show on
the weekdays and let skunk fu!
stay on there station forever as
long as it is taking a break for
the hollydays and for spring break
instead of being cancelled. however
i am counting on you paul to
make sure that cartoon network is
going to re-schedule skunk fu!
i will appreciate that very much
and so will your fans of the new
show. i know how much the skunk fu!
fans feel and
and thats all
i have to say for now.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please fix the Rabbit Rap ringtone download? Its a 0 length file :(

Unknown said...

I'll check out that ringtone problem...

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul Young:

You could put on Character designs on the new page of Skunk fu!, please!... It's what I call my attention...
¿How to draw?. I hope that for the second season, more characters appear. And you do that ninja monkeys are more "ninjas". Not if you understand me. Involving them ninja weapons. Practice esotericism, etc.. And the characters look more mature. As it will be a trilogy (you had mentioned earlier). have to be so.

I hope that has not been a nuisance and to hear me say.

bye ...

Edd_xs@g! said...

Dear Paul young:

I want to know how to draw the Skunk Fu! characters. Could you put that data on the skunk fu! page, please...