Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Toys and DVDs available online here..

Hi All,

If you wanna get your hands on Skunk Fu DVDs and Toys and can't find them in your neighbourhood you can buy them here....


xX_skunk_fu_Xx said...

I havet seen skunk fu on cartoon network in like 2 months! why?! it was theyre only good show!

Anonymous said...

i bought mine at wal-mart, then later wal-mart i think stopped selling it! whats going on?!

Unknown said...

I'm a fan from germany, Skunk Fu is a grear series, but not only for children :)

Can we in germany, expect a DVD release?

Best greetings

Kirben said...

Are any decent DVD sets planned for Skunk Fu? I would love to get the complete series on DVD.

The DVD releases of Skunk Fu in the USA are listed as 1:33:1 (pan and scan), rather than anamorphic widescreen. And there is only a single DVD release of Skunk Fu in the UK so far.