Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rabbit run

By Leo Ito


MickFred said...

Thank goose for an update! If i had to stare at those retarded boat races of the class of 2007 for another feckin second i would have done myself a mischief.

god bless you rasmus noseguard

Kevy Metal said...

Great work, Leo!

spleenal said...

look at that look of grim determination on his face. That rabbit's gonna get there man.
Before any of us.

elephantmarchblog said...

Great timing. Very fluid

MickFred said...

It never gets boring, no matter how many times i return to see updates it is always good to see this run cycle from the Ito machine.

xenos said...

wow. impressively flash skills.

David Hicks said...

Rabbit: "Pretty darn good"
Skunk: "Not bad yourself"
Rabbit: "I was talking about myself"

Rabbit is fantastic!

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Jamal O said...

Great timing, follow through and secondary action.

Great animation!