Friday, November 03, 2006

I think I heard a shot!

Posters found in the Ninja training ground. Poor little brainwashed ninjas, they don't know no better.S ing it with me now; Nothin' proper about ya propaganda…Yeah!
Excuse me- you in the back, you're not singing. Oh? Oh really? Well fine, we’ll just sing without you Mr. Fascist pants.


William Bradford said...


I didn't know there was a mantis; I guess that's another fairly iconic chinese animal.

William Bradford said...


I didn't no there was a mantis: I guess that's a fairily iconic chinese animal too.

Mr Harte said...

Yeah, he's a fanatic with a deathwish. Tony Achworth does his voice like Christopher Walken!
There's also Tiger, Rabbit, Fish, Duck, Crane, Pig, Snake, Ox, Bird.
No Rooster or Horse though.


Kai said...

I thought that the voice was incredibly Walken-like! It confused me at first :P