Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our dear pal Rasmus gives something back.

As you'd expect it is a high flying world of glamour here at the cartoon saloon making the funny pictures. Not a day goes by without someone getting an exotic disease, like Fijian Lumps, Mauritius neck or everyones favourite, gout. With this in mind our storyboard champion lion wrestler Rasmus thought it would be a hoot to show the world that it isn't all Paris poetry snorting and parties with 'girls'. So he decided to give something back to the 'little people'. In particular the 'little Rasmusis' round and about. The type of Rasmusis (or is it 'Rasmusi') that have never been to a swanky premiere, worn a gold plated vest or been waited on nose and wing by a team of mute mormons. Feel free little Rasmusis to call Rasmus day or night (number witheld) and live vicariously through his decadent tales and exotic ailments.

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